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  • Jason Mouna

Tried and Tested

Our world is ever changing, new technology and updated versions are the norm. Some of us are willing to take the “leap of faith” and are early adopters, the majority of us however wait for the product to be tried and tested, for the “kinks to be ironed out”, before we buy in.

When we need any professional service, be it from a lawyer, an accountant or a surgeon we examine their track record before we make any commitment. Before we make a dinner reservation or select a movie to watch on Netflix, we read the reviews and check the ratings to guide our decisions. In short, we make a lot of our decisions on how well the options before us scored when they were tried and tested.

We too will be evaluated when we are one of the options. How well do we measure up? Have we been tried and tested? The greater the trials, challenges and obstacles that we have overcome, the more valuable our service becomes. Hence the key to our future success lies in facing and overcoming difficulties.

We must accept our challenges in front of us knowing that they add to our value and when there are none visible to us, we must seek them out to ensure we remain tried and tested. No one knowingly picks the captain who has only sailed calm waters!

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